My dog’s name is Kyro. My name is Steve. Kyro's story is both worldly and otherworldly. Like Kyro himself, this documentary aims to be a positive, uplifting, and hopeful exploration of witnessing a pet's return to spirit.

Kyro's beginnings were tough. Living nearby, I was one of the few people he liked. His first owner/caretaker, grappling with mental health issues, could no longer care for him. Without giving it much thought, I agreed to adopt him, and suddenly, I had a five-year-old Husky.

Kyro was quiet, skittish, and feared almost everyone and everything. I learned he was born into a puppy mill situation and had been secretly abused by a crazy dog sitter while still a puppy. Kyro subtly stole my heart and helping him feel safe in the world became a top priority.

As we bonded, Kyro came out of his shell and became relaxed and full of life. Strangers began remarking, "Your dog is an old soul," and a businessman said, "I see energy flying out of your dog." I paid closer attention to Kyro, who, in many ways, seemed smarter and wiser than me.

At a Home Depot on Sunset Boulevard, an animal agent saw potential in Kyro for entertainment work. I thought it was a scam, but I was surprised as Kyro thrived in jobs with Cameron Diaz, Linkin Park, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, among others.

Kyro’s charisma and intelligence convinced a filmmaker friend and me that Kyro would be great in a film. Kyro was a living, breathing example of unconditional love, being in-the-moment, handling challenges gracefully, and being happy with the smallest of things. I felt he would captivate hearts as effortlessly as he had captured mine.

This film with Kyro felt like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I dropped everything and spent the next seven years trying to get Kyro’s independent film made. We came close to financing three or four times, but getting a film funded is difficult.

We finally had funding for a short film, but six weeks after a comprehensive health check-up, Kyro passed unexpectedly at age 13 from aggressive cancer.

I was devastated and depressed. I had lost an incredible companion. I lost a small nuclear reactor that emanated positive energy.

But, in typical Kyro fashion, he helped prepare me for this eventuality.

A year before his passing, during a guided meditation led by an animal communicator, a participant, Dierdre, described seeing a white-wolf-like animal with blue eyes. Another participant asked Deirdre if she knew Kyro. This synchronicity introduced me to the world of animal communication.

After Kyro's death, I consulted an animal communicator. She relayed that Kyro, an old soul whose energy filled the room, and I had shared many lifetimes, and he came here to teach unconditional love. I said, “We tried to make a film with Kyro, and we have lots of footage, should I tell his story as a documentary or abandon the project?” Kyro relayed that I should make the documentary to share his story of unconditional love. He also said he can help from the other side in ways he couldn’t as a dog.” So, I promised Kyro I would make his documentary.

Next, I went to Joshua Tree, California to spread his ashes. I spent two days trying to find a specific location from an mage. I couldn’t find the spot, so both nights, I went to the Joshua Tree Saloon and ordered a Stella Artois beer and some food.

On the third day, I finally found the location. I went to spread his ashes, but in that exact spot were two bottle caps. I flipped them over and they read “Stella Artois.” I smiled and had a strong feeling that Kyro was telling me to lighten up – we’re still together – we’re just two guys having a beer and some laughs.

This documentary will explore the eternal bonds that bind us to our cherished pets – connections that extend beyond our physical world.

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